An industry leader in high-quality illustrated reference publishing, DK has made significant inroads into an ever-growing digital market. The Digital Media Division (DMD), its digital wing, creates products for DK/Rough Guide and Penguin India imprints in collaboration with its UK office. Headed by Manjari Hooda, DMD’s dedicated and passionate workforce, comprising techno-editors, graphic/web-designers, software engineers and apps developers, digitize and repurpose print content into new and emerging web-based, tablet-based, and mobile-based platforms.

DMD creates data structures and transforms DK content into the XML format, which allows for multi-channel publishing, portability, and easy searches. Some of the digital products being created by the team include eBooks for iPad, Nook, Sony Reader and Kindle; interactive apps for iPad and iPhones; in-flight entertainment modules, websites and mock-ups for sales pitches. The team also customizes DK content for high-profile clients such as MSN, Disney, Ocado, Visa, and AOL.

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