DK Core Division

The DK Core division forms the largest section of the DK family. It is divided into two main departments: Knowledge and Life. Knowledge handles a wide range of adult reference and children's titles – from natural history to medicine, antiques to DIY, the popular Eyewitnessseries to sports and hobbies, and touch and feel board books to children's encyclopedias. They also help create educational books for the UK market.The 120-member team of editors, art editors, and DTP designers is headed by Bhavana Yadav.

Life, a team of 50 dedicated editors, art editors and DTP deisgners, and headed by Glenda Fernandes, covers books on Food & Drink and Woman,Craft, and Gardening. Nestled within the Life department is another exciting division: DK Licensing. The Licensing team works closely with its UK counterpart in producing books for Marvel, Lucas Film, and Disney. These include Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary and Marvel Avengers Assemble! Ultimate Sticker Collection. Licensing titles feature iconic characters such as Spiderman, James Bond, Batman, and assorted Disney stars.

The DK Core team works hand-in-hand with UK and US colleagues to create DK's special brand of illustrated reference books. These books inspire and teach people of all ages, using design, illustration, photography, and carefully researched content to make ideas come alive. The adult list of titles is testament to this. With a wide and varied scope, every title is carefully and thoughtfully put together, creating a final product that excels in both information and visual appeal. DK’s children's books cover subjects for all ages – from toddlers to teenagers – with their unique combination of educational value and strong visual style.

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