Editors : (DK Core & Travel Division)

Job Summary - Work with project’s art editor to manage and edit parts of or a whole illustrated non-fiction title as required, ensuring that all your work is produced according to schedule, quality, and budget.

The Role - Edit copy accurately and clearly in accordance with the project’s editorial style guide, liaise with authors/consultants on queries throughout the project/s, where necessary. Work constantly with project’s art editor to ensure that image selection, artworks, and spread designs are editorially appropriate, accurate, clear, and engaging. Check and maintain editorial accuracy and quality at every stage of the process, research subjects to ensure factual accuracy and appropriate level of information from synopsis to edited text. Write original text as and when required.

  • Key Responsibilities
  • – Produce accurate, edited copy in accordance with the project's editorial style guide.
  • – To be familiar with and follow Travel as well as book-specific style guide and be constantly aware of style-related issues.
  • – Check proofs for accuracy at each stage of the production process, from start to the final disk date, and later at plotter stage.
  • – Editors are required to verify text at every stage. This involves ensuring that all information is checked as thoroughly as possible for factual accuracy.
  • – Monitoring own scheduling on your project to ensure that target dates are met.
  • – Work with/have regular dialogues with London, authors and fact-checkers as well as in-house editors, senior team and managers to ensure that text is accurate and up-to-date.
  • – Research and/or write text as required.
  • – Authenticate text and sources for plagiarism and inaccurate information.
  • – Liaise with designers, cartographers and DTP on the production of page layouts that satisfy the requirements of the project design style guide.
  • – Work with designers to prepare visual references and detailed briefs for artists, illustrators, and photographers.
  • – Work with designers to locate appropriate pictures or prepare detailed briefs for picture researchers, and ensure the efficient logging in and out of illustration material.
  • – Work with/supervise cartographers on creation of maps, to vet that all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • – Liaise with design, cartography and production team to meet agreed dates. If required, also liaise with design and DTP team in setting up and maintaining the project's detailed production schedule.
  • – Work with designers/picture researcher on final archival of project.
  • – Report on overall schedule and weekly progress to London, HOD, managers and senior team.
  • – Update progress reports and charts, record minutes of meetings and conference calls regularly.
  • – Work on the research, development and planning of new project concepts as required, and create presentation and sales materials to an agreed brief.
  • – If required, monitor project costs at every stage, ensure that running totals of expenditure are kept.
  • – If required, decide and implement best working practices; also make practical suggestions on how to improve quality and content, both in the textual and design context.

Qualifications required - Graduate/Post graduate degree from recognized institute/university, 2-3 years of experience in publishing. Computer literacy in: InDesign, Excel, and Word.

Senior Editors : (DK Core & Travel Division)

Job Summary - Work with senior art editor to manage a large illustrated non-fiction title or multiple smaller titles from brief to print, ensuring that it/they are produced according to schedule and quality, and within budget. Supervise and motivate junior editorial staff. Maintain high editorial standards for your titles.

The Role - Devise and revise schedules, identify staffing requirements, and organize workflow for your title/s and ensure that they are adhered to with senior art editor. Brief and manage junior editors working on your project/s, maintain excellent communication channels with entire book team (in-house and out-of-house) for duration of project. Prepare editorial style guide for title, brief junior editors, and ensure the style guide is kept up-to-date and followed as the project progresses, liaise with authors/consultants for initial briefing and subsequent queries throughout the project/s, where necessary. Understand the entire project concept and be able to brief individual strands, ensuring a cohesive whole. Control budget with senior art editor. Work with senior art editor to ensure that image selection and spread designs are editorially appropriate, accurate, clear, and engaging.

Qualifications required - Graduate degree from recognized institute/university. Minimum 5 years’ experience in illustrated publishing and team management experience. Computer literacy in: InDesign, Excel, and Word.

Assistant Producer : (Digital Media Division)

Job Summary - An Assistant Producer at the DK Digital Media Department is responsible for creating, editing, and conceiving layouts of digital products. The work involves extracting, editing, and structuring data in XML format to be repurposed for creating print, web-based, and other products for new digital platforms. The incumbent will be responsible for a team of junior editors and will be working on editing data and inventing new approaches to lay it out across newer platforms. The Asst Producer should be capable of managing every phase of product creation, starting with structural treatment and going through editorial changes and innovations, to delivering finished products on time and within budget.

The Role - Managing the conversion of DK and Rough Guide content for different digital platforms such as websites, ePubs, and mobile phones. Overall responsibility of coordinating projects related to standard, customized, and licensing deals. Helping producers with planning, scheduling, and laying out the milestones for all the tasks undertaken, and following them through to completion. Making estimates for editorial, technical, and design resources required to accomplish the assignments. Liaising with outsourcers to get content up to desired project specifications. Liaising with an international team to understand project requirements and guiding the local team with the preparation and execution of the agreed plan. Familiarity with digital content creation and editing (this could be books, magazines, journals, TV, advertising, or websites) – the candidate should be comfortable managing a techno-editorial workflow and team.

Qualifications required - Post Graduate degree from recognized institute/university. Minimum 5 years’ experience in related field and team management experience. Computer literacy in XML editing software such as XML SPY or Oxygen and/or HTML is preferred.

Apply with resume to jobs@dk.com mentioning the post applied for along with department preference
(DK Core, Travel, or Digital Media) in the subject.

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