• It feels great to be a part of the creative process here at DK – we are constantly striving to create well-integrated, beautifully laid-out, informative books on a massive range of subjects. We have a lot to live up to but it’s this challenge that makes the job so exciting for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a variety of projects - discussing visual elements and images for the Essential Managers titles with my design partner, liaising with authors on a natural history project, making an index for a 600-page wildlife book, and managing four Essential Skills titles at one time have been the highlights of my experience here. Someone once said, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” The work environment, the people, and the work itself, make this that job for me.
    Saloni Talwar, Managing Editor, DK Core

  • Just a year old in DK, working in DK has been a roller coaster ride of intense sessions of hard work and brainstorming followed by relatively quieter periods between projects that allow me to catch up on the different, new books being produced by other teams and my colleagues in the UK. Working alongside art editors helped me to get a view of how creatively a book can be designed, while my seniors on the editorial side taught me the importance of being thorough, meticulous, and patient.
    Virien Chopra, Editor, DK Core

  • I have been with Rough Guides for almost seven years. It’s been a great journey. My job includes conversion of content from one platform to another for multiple devices, and visualization and production of high quality design work for different formats like ePub, Kindle, iPad, etc. Even though my role demands a lot of effort and time, we as a team in DK enjoy our work and relish the creativity we are involved in. I love travelling and enjoy spending time with my family.
    Rakesh Kumar, Graphic Art Editor, Rough Guides

  • “Welcome to the DK family, Pallavi!’’... that’s how I was welcomed and I couldn’t have been happier! Appointed as an Assistant Editor with the digital team, my work employs both language and technological skills. I handle content in multiple digital formats for dissemination over diverse platforms such as websites, eBooks, hand-helds, iPad, etc. I interact with software engineers, art editors, typesetters, and book editors to ensure that the content is cohesive, technically sound, and conforms to specified styles and formats. I also work on the structure of the XML as well edit the content to customize it as per the requirements. My experience has been holistic and rewarding with the managers shadowing me, allowing me opportunities for learning and self-improvement. It’s been a little over four months for me here and with the new digital era of editorial innovation I know I have lots to learn, lots to do and a long way to go.
    Pallavi Sherring, Assistant Editor, Digital Media

  • I work as a Technical Manager in Digital Media Division. I am basically responsible for providing technical solutions for publishing book content on various new reading platforms like Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPhone/iPad, etc. I work on the latest and exciting technologies like .Net, XML, XSLT, XQUERY, Perl, JQUERY, SQL, FileMaker, Objective C, etc. I feel proud to be part of DK’s digital movement. I joined DK because they value and care for their employees. We are not here just as resources but members of the DK family. With its open culture and attitude, all members of the team are extremely approachable.
    Jay Pandey, Technical Manager, Digital Media

  • Coming from a completely different yet creative background, publishing, and DK more so, was a breath of fresh air for me. I not only love working on the text and researching for the wide range of informative books that we publish, but also enjoy discussing with my art editor colleagues on how to present information in as creative a manner as possible. I am close to completing two years with DK and am still as thrilled to see my name on the books I have worked as I was with my first book!
    Garima Sharma, Senior Editor, DK Core

  • I quite enjoy my work of checking the technical quality of our books and ensuring that they print without any glitch. Being the only woman in a team of men is unique and I am quite proud of it. I learn many new things and apply them in my day-to-day work. New to the company, I get to explore a number of new subjects, and a promotion at the end of the year in such a short span of time was like icing on the cake. I look forward to a long and fruitful association with DK.
    Anita Yadav, DTP Designer, DK Core

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