From a tiny team of about 10 people, DK India has grown at an impressive pace. There are now more than 300 people on the rolls, with Managing Director Aparna Sharma at the helm. Of the original ten people, six are still with DK – a testimony to the company’s integrity as an employer. High-calibre professionals – editors, art editors, DTP personnel, new media editors, cartographers, and programmers – are unified by the single driving force of making books that are aesthetically appealing and consistently of high quality, with content that is cohesive, coherent, and both technically and grammatically sound. We create content for both print and diverse platforms such as websites, eBooks, mobile-phone feeds, and other new-media platforms. The camaraderie that the DK family shares is truly unique. Despite tight deadlines and high standards of perfection that need to be met consistently, it’s the unflagging spirit of the people that makes the environment of DK wholesome and rewarding.

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